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  • At Wolfenburg Inc., we focus on creating value for all parties involved. Maximizing return and minimizing risk, as well as a commitment to offering stable investment solutions, are the core principles of our strategy. Despite the pressures of today’s economy, our strategic approach offers our clients successful, stable investment options and a time-tested alternative to the volatility of other industries.Through honesty, dedication, customer service and transparency, we offer our clients exceptional service along with the basic principles of traditional investment approaches, achieving their investment and real estate goals.

    We are always looking for ways to new and innovative approaches to creating value for our clients and would invite you to discover why our unique real estate investment strategy sets us apart from the competition.

Focused strategy

Wolfenburg Inc.’s investment strategies capitalize on the opportunities in the real estate market through industry-leading innovation and best practices. Our dedication to results means we create value for all stakeholders involved, including tenants and investors.

Our team of financial experts are constantly analyzing critical target markets and developing solutions in order to maximize real-world earning potential for our stakeholders. The best example for the same would be the important society or neighbourhood renewal in communities via desirable rental homes for tenants in previously undervalued and/or undesirable buildings.

At WOLFENBURG Inc., we handle all aspects of each project internally and never outsource our investors’ interests to a third party. The fact that we have a comprehensive team, including in-house property management and project management, means we can offer our investors the best of all worlds. We are passionate about the quality of service we can provide and are consistently committed to delivering a top ROI to our investors.

With Wolfenburg Inc, you never have to worry about the value of your investments dropping overnight.

Although real estate markets have non-linear transformations, they do take time to shift. This is especially true for the multi-family, which is usually considered to be “recession proof.” There are several indicators which allow us to understand and forecast impending changes that the market may be taking, and by focusing our attention on analyzing the current market and trends, we can offer a certain degree of stability for our investors.

The founding team of Wolfenburg Inc. has over 10 years of business and real estate experience. From key acquisition policies and property improvements to positive tenant and investor relations, our experience continues to translate into steady ROIs for our investors.

Confident investing experience

At Wolfenburg Inc., we don’t believe that a strong ROI is the sole measure of success. Numbers are critical, but we also hold the relationships we build with our investors as a key asset to generating positive results. We offer a well-rounded level of service that takes both numbers and people into account. We are available to our investors at every level of communication and even offer a secure, online Investor Login that is accessible 24/7 so you can monitor your assets around the clock.

At Wolfenburg Inc, our core values are reflected in our portfolio—and our reputation.
We focus on providing exceptional homes for tenants and meaningful returns for our investors. We are known for our integrity, passion and commitment, and these values are what help us bring a winning business and portfolio of investments to people like you.

We invite you to become a part of our passion and discover how we create value through generating wealth for our clients.

  • A Limited Partnership is a legal entity which, together with a General Partner (GP), holds the acquired properties. Effectively, the Limited Partnership ‘owns’ the properties, and everyone who buys units of the Limited Partnership is a part-owner (investors).Our Investments Offerings include RRSP, RESP, LIRA, RIFF, TFSA Eligible, and eligible for cash investments.

    More about Limited Partnerships

    A Limited Partnership is a legal entity that allows a group of investors (Limited Partners) to pool their investment money and buy multiple properties together. Usually, the Limited Partners don’t know each other, and normally they aren’t involved in the management of the real estate.

    A General Partner (a company) manages the day-to-day activities of the Limited Partnership on behalf of the Limited Partners. Activities include: buying properties, collecting rent, paying mortgages and taxes, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and all tenant management. Limited Partnerships are a proven, ‘hassle-free’ way to invest in real estate. When you invest as a Limited Partner, we (the General Partner) manage all the necessary operations to ensure you are receive the best ROI.

    Why are Limited Partnerships Such A Great Investment Tool?

    Real Estate is Relatable.

    Real Estate is something that most people understand, because it is an asset that is tangible. According to the great industrialist, Andrew Carnegie: “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning Real Estate.” Truly, a well-formulated plan for real estate investment managed by the right people will result in healthy profits.

    Hassle-Free Investing.

    Through being a Limited Partner, you can invest in real estate without any of the normal responsibilities tied to being a landlord, like rent collection, tenant management, maintenance, repairs, bookkeeping, and accounting, etc.


    Each investor ‘owns’ a (proportionate) share of each property.

    Instead of owning a single property, each investor owns a small portion of each property in the portfolio, and therefore shares in the total profit. There’s also the added insurance that if one property happens to develop a problem, the problem is resolved by the General Partner, and no single partner is responsible for the problem—only their small share. In essence, Limited Partnership is the best form of diversification and risk management in the real estate industry.

    Limited Risk.

    As a corporation, the Limited Partnership is legally protected. In addition, any single investor’s risk is limited to the amount invested and nothing more.

    Tax Advantages.

    In some cases, depending on an investor’s individual situation, there may be tax advantages to investing through a Limited Partnership.

    We recommend that you consult with your financial advisor(s) and accountant to determine how a Limited Partnership can be best structured to benefit you.

    Deferred Plan Eligibility (RRSP, TFSA, etc.)

    Some Limited Partnerships are eligible investments for ‘Deferred Plans’.

    A ‘Deferred Plan’ is an investment account that allows for taxes to be deferred or paid at a later date. Two common examples of Deferred Plans are Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) and Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA). We recommend that you consult with your financial advisor(s) and accountant to determine how a Limited Partnership can be best structured to benefit you.

    Growth vs. Income Options.

    Limited Partnerships can be structured for Growth or Income, or a combination of both. Our financial consultants can help you determine which model would be ideal for your situation.

    An Income-Focused Limited Partnership will deliver payments to investors on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This is a great option for those investors (i.e. retirees) who are looking for steady, ongoing income.

    A Growth-Focused Limited Partnership makes most or all of its payments to investors at the end of the term. This allows for more of the invested capital to work for a longer period of time, and this structure is intended to generate higher overall returns. For investors looking for higher potential returns and those without a need for regular income (i.e. RRSP or TFSA investments), a Growth-focused Limited Partnership is often a preferred choice.

Wolfenburg Inc. has a proven investment strategy that’s simple and focused on one factor alone: target market. Our strategy begins with defining a tenant profile and then focusing our investment activities on attracting, satisfying and retaining tenants who match that profile.

Our ideal tenant is our preferred customer. We believe that an ideal tenant is one who transforms a house into a home. It’s the type of tenant who creates a healthy, clean environment in and out of the building and who helps build a vibrant sense of community. These tenants are ideal because they are more likely to stay longer, take better care of their unit, and have fewer conflicts with other tenants. The ideal tenant can also easily afford market rents while exhibiting lower levels of negligence. An exceptional tenant has a certain pride of ownership and is involved in improving their living space, which benefits both the tenant and investor.

The ideal tenant means greater profits. The tenant profile is the basis of all our management activities, operational efficiencies and investment planning. Based on this profile, we look for buildings in the communities that would attract our ideal tenant. In other words, we use the tenant profile as a benchmark to enter into real estate negotiations. Once we have acquired the building, we develop a careful renovation and marketing strategy to create a space that will appeal to our preferred customer. When this model is followed, vacancy rates will be substantially lower for higher rents, and the investment property will be running at its most profitable level.

We treat a multifamily property like a business: profitability is the key to success. Keeping this foundational perspective in mind enables us to treat each real estate investments as an independent business, with its own balance sheet. Every unit is managed as efficiently as possible by employing proven strategies and systems, which we constantly adapt in order to reduce costs and maximize profits. We first determine the value of a property before its turnover, then manage it for the sake of net output or income. This streamlined approach allows us to have a greater control over the forced equity appreciation, especially for our multifamily properties.

Our Investment Consultants are available to help walk you through the three simple steps to getting started on your investments.

Step 1: Choose Your Investment Source

Decide on your investment source:
• Other deferred plan (TFSA, RESP, RRIF, LIRA)
• Cash
• Home equity
• Another source

Note: Investments may be made jointly with your spouse and you can combine funds from more than one source.

Step 2: Meet With Your Investment Consultant

Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our investment agents to review and discuss all of the details pertaining to your investments, including any outstanding questions you may have.

Step 3: Subscribe

An investment agent will assist you in completing the subscription paperwork in order to prepare for making your payment.
If you are using RRSP funds or another deferred plan, you will need to:

• Open a Self-Directed RRSP Account
• Transfer holdings into the account (‘in kind’, or in cash)
• Purchase units into your RRSP Account

Note: If you are using cash, simply write a cheque for the investment amount.

We offer comprehensive support to assist you in achieving the best results. Click each tab to review our services in detail.

1. Portfolio Management

The General Partner will manage the entire Portfolio.

2. Regular Updates

As an investor, you will receive:
• Periodic updates
• Annual statements

We also offer exclusive access to our “investor-only” area of the website where you can review up-to-date progress reports, financial information and referral resources.

3. Re-Invest Annual Earnings

Annual earnings have the potential be re-invested into the Portfolio as a means of generating increased returns.

4. Refinance and Re-Invest Proceeds

The General Partner will refinance certain properties and re-invest the proceeds into your Portfolio in order to generate increased returns.

5. Assessment of Property Portfolio

We continually review the portfolio of properties and assess each property for profitability. For instance, some properties may be sold off in favour of reallocating capital to seize new, high-growth opportunities in the market.

6. Redeem Your Investment

All investments are redeemable 60 days after giving notice to your Advisor. The procedure for redeeming your investment is simple: upon giving notice, we’ll sell your units at the current market price and the proceeds of the sales will be returned to you.

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

    RRSPs are one of the most popular forms of investments amongst Canadians, but many have invested in RRSPs without even knowing where their funds are allocated.
    There are many ways to use your RRSPs, including indirectly for real estate investments, and we can evaluate your personal situation to determine which approach would be best for you.

    Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

    Investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust is similar to buying shares of a company. Typically, the REIT’s business involves buying, operating and selling real estate. The value of the REIT shares (units) fluctuates based on the value of the company, which is influenced by several factors, including the value of the real estate along with stock market conditions which could cause the REIT’s market value to be less than its net asset value.


    Under certain conditions, RRSP-holders are permitted to lend money to a property owner seeking a mortgage. However, it’s important to note that this is considered to be a secured loan and not a real estate equity investment, since the RRSP-holder earns not from the overall performance of the real estate but instead earns interest on the loan itself. The lender and the property owner set the terms together and the loan is secured by the real estate property in question.

    Limited Partnership

    Certain Limited Partnership structures allow an RRSP-holder to use RRSP funds to invest indirectly in the equity side of real estate. Profits are based on the overall performance of the real estate. Many RRSP-holders are unaware that they can invest their RRSP funds in a Limited Partnership to benefit from the real estate equity gains.

    Just because an investment is eligible for an RRSP doesn’t necessarily mean that RRSP funds can be used to invest. Many RRSP-eligible programs also accept cash investments. At Wolfenburg Inc., we offer opportunities for both RRSP investors and cash investors (subject to qualification).