The profitability in rental property investment requires experience and expertise in running and maintaining single (or multiple) rental properties. Without the right knowledge, a solid investment can quickly turn into a negative experience for both investors and tenants. It takes a substantial amount of time, knowledge and effort to market the property and find the ideal tenants, let alone understand and follow the legal terminologies pertaining to residential and commercial tenant laws. Wolfenburg Inc. has the necessary experience to manage every aspect of your investment property. Our core services include (but are not limited to): finding ideal tenants, handling maintenance activities, listening to and resolving any tenant issues and inquires that may arise, and collecting rent on timely basis. Our personnel tend to every element of the property management process with the utmost professionalism and care.

The right tenant makes all the difference. Our first focus is ensuring that any leasing application is qualified as an “ideal tenant” according to a specific, outlined criteria. We conduct regular rent surveys to understand the current market trends for rental rates in particular areas. Once we have established a competitive rent figure, we market the property through the most effective online and offline classifieds and media listings. We also place well-designed hoardings or banners on the property site. Our team receives and manages the prospective tenants’ applications and follows up with them to determine if they fit our specified criteria. The prospective tenant then makes an appointment with a Wolfenburg Inc. team member to view the property, at which time they receive an application form. For tenant convenience, we also ensure that the application form is available at our office and for download on our website. Once the application form has been screened and approved, the selected tenant then signs a lease. The lease agreement includes safeguards and assurances that comply with all the local and provincial property laws, in order to benefit both tenant and owner.

Ongoing maintenance is one of the most important aspects of the property investment business. At Wolfenburg Inc., our contractors and team of professionals are committed to providing regular maintenance, from janitorial service to general repairs, in order to provide tenants with a safe and healthy environment.

Rent collection requires persistent and tactful dedication. If not executed properly, it becomes difficult for owners to collect rent, especially if there are several properties involved. Our collections team has a strategic and effective process in place to ensure timely payment. In some instances when a tenant delays payment, we also charge late fees. If rent is consistently owing, even after a scheduled date, we notify the tenant that it could result in legal action, which we enact only in accordance with the highest industry standards and legal advice, in order to avoid litigation.

Wolfenburg Inc.’s sophisticated computerized accounting system generates regular rent collection reports, as well as helps you to track income, expenses and tax compliances.

We send detailed Monthly Management Reports on the 15th day of every month. The report has a detailed description of current leasing activities, maintenance activities, rent roll, trust account ledger and most importantly, an income statement. Proceeds can be sent along with the report or can be directly deposited in a designated bank account.


  • Multi-Calender Synchronization
  • Multi-Message Synchronization
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • 24/7 Guest Communication
  • Cleaner Schedule management


Ask yourself:

• Have you dealt with a tenant who hasn’t paid for 60 days?
• Have any of your units been vacant for over 2 months?
• Have you ever been out of town and unable to manage your property?
• Have you ever required extra help to manage your property?
• Do your tenants constantly contact you with frequent questions regarding their unit?
• Do you find yourself always searching for reputable contractors?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of these questions, we are confident you would benefit from the property management services that Wolfenburg Inc. can provide. Our experience and professionalism allows property owners to take a step back from managing their property, while still benefiting from the return on investment. Let us maximize the full potential of your rental property.

To discuss our services and begin building a successful partnership together, fill out the form on the Contact Us page, and we will have a service representative contact you at your convenience.