We provide a variety of services for general contractors, home builders, homeowners and remodellers. We are well staffed and fully equipped to deliver quality work at fair and competitive prices. For residential and light commercial projects please consider us for the following services:

Our Services

  • Fascade & Fascia

    Properly installed fascia and soffit prevents mold and moisture build up in the attic as well as extending the life of your roof.Soffits offer support to fascias and they are vital in providing ventilation to roofs of centrally heated houses. Inadequate ventilation in these homes could result in increased risk of timber decay. Fascias and

  • Kitchen

    Aside from functionality and aesthetics, the kitchen is the heart of any home as its where family and friends meet and talk. It’s not only a place to prepare and eat meals but also make memories which is why hundreds of people carry out kitchen remodelling projects annually. Updating or remodelling a kitchen is one

  • Washroom

    The modern bathroom is becoming more stylish and luxurious with soaking tubs and walk-in showers with body sprays. Despite being the most frequented room in the house, the bathroom provides a solitary space for quality alone time to recharge, relax and escape daily life hassles. It is important that your bathroom withstands aging and years

  • Flooring

    Wolfenburg Inc. plans, develops and manages land-based real estate investment projects. If you are interested in becoming an investment partner on one of our projects, please contact our Investment Department. You’ll be joining a strong team of real estate developers and investors who have the necessary experience to design and execute successful real estate ventures

  • Drywall

    Our licensed and fully certified team offer professional drywall and painting services. We have built our reputation as one of the leading drywall and painting service providers on quality craftsmanship, on-budget and on-time performance. We use the right products and the best practices to ensure quality services and customer satisfaction. We offer exceptional drywall repair,

  • 3D Rendering & Design

    We offer high quality and professional 3D rendering and design services to assist general contractors, home builders and developers in visualizing their projects before the commencement of any construction works. Before making any decisions on key design features it’s important to have a realistic overview of the concepts you have in mind. Our team utilizes


  • It was a pleasure working with Wolfenburg construction. Project completed on time and budget! Would recommend to friends and family.
    Steve O’reiley CopperSign
  • Very professional team. They did a great job on my building! Consistent, accurate, friendly and a patient. Very easy to work with. Thanks again!
    Micheal Ashburry
  • Our entire relationship has been professional and honest. They kept a constant line of communication open and clear throughout the entire project. I will continue to use these guys for any future general contracting needs (thinking about bathroom remodeling next!), this is one satisfied customer right here !!!
    Suzane Lepage
  • Wolfenburg is a great company to work with. I invested in one of their Multi family projects and was very happy with the return and professionalism they had.

    Ahmad Azzi Smart EV Mobility Inc.