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At Wolfenburg Inc., we don’t settle for anything short of the best. We abide by the 3E formula: effective, efficient, and economical. This is the foundation for our business, and our focus on excellence has shaped who we are today. Our dedicated team of financial analysts, real estate professionals, architects, engineers, contractors, maintenance personnel and web developers have earned us a strong reputation. When you work with Wolfenburg Inc., you gain access to a wealth of industry experience and knowledge for any real estate project. Whether you are a landlord interested in hiring a property management firm or a real estate investor looking for profitable yields, our experts are here to serve your needs and improve your bottom line every step of the way.

Our Services

  • Investing

    Wolfenburg Inc. plans, develops and manages land-based real estate investment projects. If you are interested in becoming an investment partner on one of our projects, please contact our Investment Department. You’ll be joining a strong team of real estate developers and investors who have the necessary experience to design and execute successful real estate ventures

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  • Property Management

    Wolfenburg Inc. has the infrastructure to handle the day-to-day operations of your property, and our Property Managers work to strategically plan and manage your capital cost expenditures. We are active at ensuring clean receivables and offer competitive approaches to maintaining low vacancy rates and facilitating smooth and timely transitions between tenants. Get in touch with

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  • Leasing

    We know what it takes to be able to offer and manage quality properties. We specialize in commercial real estate, so if you are looking for warehouse, retail or office space, Wolfenburg Inc.’s portfolio contains a wide assortment of premium real estate opportunities that are available for lease. Learn more by contacting our Leasing Department.

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